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Edy Ferguson evokes a language of inner vision, characterised by fluidity, openness, and directness. Committed to a regular painting and sculpture practice, drawing is an important part of this process. Architectural invention gives form to a vibrating cosmos of possibility through colour.  Art making is a journey in which the artist arrives, having created psychological landscapes with poetic and intuitive approaches. Her gestural artworks blend abstraction and figuration, landscape and object whilst depicting a wide range of techniques.


Edy Ferguson’s comprehensive artistic installation articulates different areas of her oeuvre, a multi-layered view of her work using various techniques– drawing, installation, performance, video, and painting– in the form of a Gesamkunstwerk, or ‘Total Artwork’.

Ferguson has anticipated a number of issues that are at the core of the current artistic debate. The scope of her skills, her freedom to employ a wide array of media, as well as her stance towards performance, make for a body of work that is challenging, creative, all inclusive and engaging.

Through allusions to 'high' and to 'low' culture–often resorting to icons from cinema or the world of music–Ferguson poses pertinent and poignant questions on the role of emotions in artistic creations, on the freeing power of images and music, and on the coexistence of multiple and contradictory points of view in our experience of reality.

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