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Throughout my career I have been committed to a regular painting practice. I learned to paint and draw at a young age and since then I’ve wanted to transpose what I’ve mastered traditionally onto many other forms of creative spaces, including live performance spaces. The dramaturgy of art in all its various aspects is what I most like to explore.


Painting is a performance. I draw directly on the canvas, I do not use templates or stencils. I am the sole performer. Each painting is built on a series of layers that I wipe away as I search for more complexity. Likewise I move in a circular way from one media discipline to another, with each passing rotation growing richer.


I like to create multi-faceted projects that inspire a form of active looking that reaches others through experiences they can participate in and also expand. I am always seeking collaborations between disciplines, between artists and audience members, and my impulse is to direct all the moving parts as one would direct a film.


I don't think of art as an object, rather as a motion in process that reflects a way of looking at the world. I see art as a form of communication, moderated through the non-verbal language of looking, and a constant re-assessment of essential form. 


I came of age artistically in the streets of New York. Historical influences are the Fluxus Movement, the New York Picture Generation, Abstract Expressionism of the 50's, and the vibrant scene of the East Village in the last years of the 80's, embodied by Basquiat. 


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