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2022          Study for Electric Warrior Xi'an, Choreo-Archive Workshop, Goldsmiths London.

                  Curated by Jia Ying Gao.


2017           Maggot Brain.  Vauxhall, The Original Art Car Boot Sale, London.


2016           The Story of Water. The House of St. Barnabas, London.

2013           Sympathy. Centre d’Art Contemporain, for Art Night, Geneva.

2011           Now + Here. MIR Dance Festival, Athens.

2006           The Magician and the Exorcist. Monkey Town, New York.

2002           Rockumental. Suite 106 Gallery, New York.

2000           Heavy Energy Machine 2: Imperialist Games, Momenta New York.

1999           Heavy Energy Machine. Judson Memorial Hall. New York.

1998           Fin de Siècle, New York à Nantes, Nantes Art Festival by CRDC, France.

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