Born in Chicago, USA.

Lives and works in London on a Tier One Exceptional Talent Visa, endorsed by Arts Council England.




Hunter College of The City of New York.   MFA. Painting and Combined Media

Washington University in St. Louis.   BFA.  Sculpture and Painting

Art Institute of Chicago.  Early College Program: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking.




Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016         Summer Exhibition, House of St. Barnabas, London.

2015         Eclectic Cuts: Portraits and Patterns, CCA International, Jersey.

2014         Coke Tragedy, Cortex Athletico, Paris.

2014         New Paintings and Drawings, Solo Project Art Geneve.

2013         Conspiracy Theory, Bernier-Eliades Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2013         America, Faggionato Fine Art, London.

2012         Selected Works 1993 – Present, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva.

2012         Selected Works 1993 – Present, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.

2008         Recent Paintings, Salon Am Hof, Vienna, Austria.

2000         Heavy Energy Machine 2: Imperialist Games, Momenta Art, Brooklyn New York.

1998         Fin de Siècle, Nantes Art Festival, France.




Selected Group Exhibitions


2020          After Decameron, Open Space Contemporary, London.

2019          International Public Arts Workshop, Xian Fine Art Academy, China.

2017          The London Original Art Car Boot Sale,  London.

2015          Arena, Centre of Contemporary Art, Znaki Czasu, Torun, curated by K. Gregos. 

2015          Original Print Fair,  Royal Academy, April 23 – 26. London.

2015          She Devil 7, Stefania Marscetti Studio, Rome.

2015          Multiplied, Christies, Contemporary Art in Editions, London.

2012          Double Take, 2nd Biennale of Mardin, Turkey.

2012          Parnassos, Wiener Art Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2012          Faces, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece.

2011          Remap, Athens, Greece.

2010          Watercolors, Tiroler Landes Museen, Innsbruck, Austria.

2008          5 x 5 Pluralism, Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Caracas, Venezuela.

2005          Red White and Blue, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York.

2001          Song Poems, Cohen and Leslie, New York.

1999          Free Coke, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York.

1998          Oriental Nights, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York.

1998          Studio Program Exhibition, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, MOMA, New York.

1998          Video Library, David Zwirner Gallery, New York.


Awards and Residences

2020          Emergency Response Grant for upcoming projects, Arts Council England.

2019          Travel Grant, British Council, China Connections Through Culture.

2019          Lecturer, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, International Public Art Workshop, China.

2017          The Petrol Station, residency in White City through the non-profit organisation White Noise.

2016          Whorton Hall Studio Residency, Coriander Studio, Isleworth, England. 

2016          Visiting Artist, Oak Lodge School for the Deaf in Wandsworth London to direct a dance video.

2016          V. Tassis UK Sculpture Competition, Bi-Annual Award for Sculptors working in London.

2011          Athens, Residency: Hydra Island, School of Fine Arts.

2010          Athens, Residency: Island of Crete School of Fine Arts.

2009          Innsbruck, Residency: Tiroler Landes Museen.

2008          Mikonos, Residency: The Art Factory.

2007          Corfu, Delphi and Athens, a drawing project on Ancient Greek Sculpture.

1999          New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, Annenburg Grant.

1998          New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, National Studio Program.

1998          New York, Residency: Long Island City High School.

1993          MTV Video Music Awards. Art Direction for Jeremy by Pearl Jam.

1984-88     St Louis, Washington University, The Fred Conway Merit Based Scholarship.

1982-84     Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Early College Program. Full scholarship.

Performances and Projects

2017          Maggot Brain. Vauxhall, The Original Art Car Boot Sale, London.

2016          Open Studio. Wharton Hall Studios, Coriander Studio, Isleworth, England.

2016          The Story of Water.  The House of St. Barnabas. London.

2015          The Pursuit of Happiness, music video, Oak Lodge School for the deaf, London.

2014          The Man Who Sold the World, UK Tour Photographer.

                  With Tony Visconti and Woody Woodmansy from Bowie's The Spiders from Mars.                      2013          Sympathy, Centre d’Art Contemporain, for ‘Art Night’, Geneva.

2011          Now + Here.  MIR Festival, QBox Gallery,  Athens.

2006          The Magician and the Exorcist, Monkey Town, New York.

2002          Rockumental, Suite 106 Gallery, New York.

2000          Heavy Energy Machine 2: Imperialist Games, Momenta New York.

1999          Heavy Energy Machine, Judson Memorial Hall. New York.

1998          Fin de Siècle, Nantes Arts and Music Festival. France.

Public Collections


The George Economou Collection, Athens, Greece.

LAC Geneva. 

Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezuela.



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