The Petrol Station at Wood Lane in White City, West London is located to the left of the White City Tube station and across the street from the new BBC Television Centre.


The site is supported by the online arts and culture publication White Noise which in turn is supported by Stanhope.

I will be moving there this month to make large scale paintings.  I'll also be collaborating with choreographers, musicians and filmmakers for public performances and film shoots. 

All of this activity will culminate in a ‘Gesamkunstwerk’ or ‘total artwork’ – and a film that will document our activities and my solo process in the studio.  We will be examining the links between creativity and science, as well as examining the relations between the differences.

Sign up, become a member, and participate. You will be invited to private salons, special viewings and performances.

The Petrol station is open for ideas and collaborations.  Feel free to be in touch.

All images and video © Edy Ferguson 2021