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The World Will Be A Better Place:

Commission by Open Space Contemporary, London, for an online exhibition, After Decameron - a writing experiment about the current Covid world pandemic in relation to The Black Death in Florence which occured in Spring of 1349I chose to put my narrative of a strict two thousand words, seven minute length 'text' to moving image, hoping to create a synthesis between moving image, poem, and historical fiction.


I want to create a new way of telling a story, hoping to avoid the overly explicit tone of a voice-over narrative, and replace it with a more subtle intent that touches on the more poetic, sensory clues with which it was made. It was created during the most extreme days of lockdown in one of the highest areas of urban virus cases - Northwest London. It is written from the perspective of a weekly lodger in a private household with a live-in landlord, who is being evicted.

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