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Arena, Centre of Contemporary Art, Znaki Czasu, Torun.


'Music as rhythm, as communicative power, as social coagulant able to reach even those classes which remain impenetrable to politics.  The music also functions as a tool to articulate images, as what happenes in the video 'She is Trying to Disappear': a collage of still and moving images, captured by the artist during the violent demonstrations in Athens in 2011, following the imposition of the austerity rules in the Greek government.  Involuntary participant and witness, Ferguson identifies herself with the people in the streets, peering with her camera the dynamics of the protest.  Feeling that for the protesters her camera lens is intended as an accomplice and as a partner, she is guided not only by the real situation, but also by an inner need to understand the nature of the documentary photography.  'She is Trying to Disappear' is then a reflection on the relationship established between the photographer and her subject, in times of strong tension.  It is also an inquiry about the role that the photographer-artist assumes when he/she addresses issues of current policy.  It is a role that, rather than judgement, requires immersion and understanding, as the fragile and dynamic presence of the female figure seems to allude and who occasionally runs through the chaotic sequences that show the urban warfare.'  -Dobrila Denegri, curator.  

Sample source:  I Feel Love by Donna Summer and Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed.

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